Truth be told: this whole weekend I’ve been feeling homesick… The honeymoon phase of our move is pretty much over and the reality that this is our new “home” is starting to sink in.  But it definitely does not feel like “home.”

Driving around lately, I find myself silently saying things like “remember THIS intersection – it’s close to home.  Remember that turn, it leads to our neighborhood.  Remember THIS Publix – it’s the one that is across the street from ‘home.'”  I feel like I should have more awareness and feel more familiarity by now of our new part of town…

We have had the BEST transition throughout this whole process.  Literally from the moment we said “yes” to moving to Atlanta, of our prayers has been answered.  I prayed first for an overwhelming feeling of confidence that this was the right decision for us… I felt it walking into the very first home we toured here last August when my eyes welled up and I could immediately picture the boys playing on the floor in the living room of that house.  I prayed for a smooth move with a great experience with our movers (after hearing horror story after horror story from others who had also moved) and found our truck driver Kevin, and his brother Larry, to be two of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.  I prayed for all of our stuff to arrive, unbroken, and that any damage would be minimal.  I prayed for finding our “dream home” in a “dream neighborhood” with lots of kids.  And although I wasn’t sold that our new home was the “dream home” I envisioned with its traditional floor plan and significantly outdated interior (in basically every room), I have quickly learned this is definitely turning into our dream home with each update we get to make. I even specifically remember praying for a teenager in our neighborhood that would possibly be interested in babysitting our boys.  Turns out, there is an incredible 14yr old girl who lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR who would love to babysit for us!  I prayed for new friends for Brycen at school, and at least one mama who would talk to me on the playground… Brycen has a full class of new friends and I have a solid TRIBE of mamas (and a stay-at-home dad) that have welcomed me and have been including me in conversation and invitations even BEFORE we got here.  Needless to say, God has truly blessed us in this transition 1,093 miles away from “home.”

I was told by a very close friend (who had THE HARDEST job as a military wife that moved across the country multiple times) that this day would come.  The feelings of missing home WILL happen, she warned.  And when they do, she encouraged me, write down all that I am thankful for.

So tonight, here is my list of some of the things I am thankful for in this moment, when I’m missing home.  When I’m missing my mama, my sister-in-law+her family, neighborhood girlfriends and college friends, high school friends, and the familiarity of “home.”

I’m thankful for so, so many answered prayers.  It has been abundantly clear to us that God has big plans for us in Georgia.  We don’t fully know what they are yet, but every single door was swung WIDE open for us to get here smoothly.

I’m thankful for Google Maps.  Because without it, I’d never be able to leave my house for fear that I’d NEVER find my way home because every single road in this town has at least 3 different names.

I’m thankful for the “southern hospitality” of the South.  Pretty much every person we have met – teachers, neighbors, preschool parents, church staff, grocery store clerks, and everyone else in between has extended a warm welcome and made us feel comfortable in our new town.

I’m thankful for my new gym and the staff that already know the boys by name, and have created an environment that both boys look forward to going to each day.  I’ve realized the importance of my gym routine in keeping me grounded and feeling in control of at least one area of my life at all times.  This mama is a happier, more patient person when I take care of myself first.

I’m thankful for Kristyn, my doppelganger, MOPS table leader that is quickly becoming a great friend.  She reached out even before we moved, welcomed me to her table, has shown me the ropes at preschool, taught me the importance of Bunco, and is constantly looking out for me and plugging me in with helpful resources around town.  Thank you, girl! 🙂

I’m especially thankful for Mike, and his never-ending patience as I struggle to furnish and decorate our new home.

I’m thankful for my FASTer Way fitness and food plan.  This lifestyle has given me a backbone to hold up every other area of my life.  Because when I feel in control of my food and exercise routine, I feel more in control of everything else around me.  I’m thankful for the FASTer Way community and my business.  I have an incredible group of coaches and that I get to connect with at least every other week, most of them still in Minnesota, which helps me feel a piece of home each time we connect.  I’m thankful for a full community of clients and other coaches on the same journey, and frankly, a BUSY business to help fill my time.  I’ve found so much peace in the familiarity and consistency of having my role as a coach remain constant and unchanged even through this major life transition.

But most of all, I’m thankful for the opportunity to explore!  With Spring Break in front of us this next week, I realized this is what has truly triggered my homesick feelings.  We have been busy every single weekend since we moved here, up until this weekend.  Most of our friends that we’ve made are out of town for Spring Break, and I don’t have a plan of what to do to keep the kids busy, nor do I really know where to take them.  (I expected to feel this way right when we moved here – not 3 months down the road.  But it makes me realize just how lucky we have been to meet so many incredible people to fill our first three months here so quickly – what a blessing!)

I’m really missing Westwood Bush Lake, Williston Tree House, Poplar Bridge Park (and especially all our neighborhood buddies and mamas), the Edina Target, the excitement of warmer weather and melting snow, Rosland Park, the MN Zoo, the castle at the Y, the Eagan Outlets, and Gramme.  We all especially miss seeing Gramme every Thursday.

Now that the honeymoon of moving is over, I’m going to try to embrace the excitement of exploring all that our new town has to offer.  God has brought us this far, I know He’s not ditching us now!  We just have to trust He will lead us to the right places this week to fill our time and make the most of it.  There’s far too much good that has already come from this move to stay sad for too long.

If you have moved away from home, what did you do when you felt homesick?



2 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Jamie says:

    One of the sweetest reminders I received was from my SIL who also left “home” (MN). She helped me to see how my longing for home wasn’t for MN but that it was a deeper longing for our forever home with God in heaven.
    Additionally, when we did return to MN it was SUPER hard. The people changed. Places changed. I didn’t get to step back into everything I had known. I romantized coming back.
    Live fully where you are at!
    Oh! And I can totally relate to the google maps gratitude. The first time I went somewhere without using a GPS I had a mini party!
    I think of you often.


    1. Lindsay Ibis says:

      This is such good advice Jamie! I totally have this idea in my head that when we come home this summer we will be right back in our neighborhood in Bloomington and it will be just like it always was… such a good reminder to simply be present where we are. Thank you, friend! 💕


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